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Little diva is a children’s day spa and pamper party business.

The business was set up in 2013 when my daughter asked for a make over type party and I found a gap in the market, not only for a new style of party experience but also found a huge gap in the market for a party business that had values and wanted to make a positive impact on kids.




Looking to become a mum boss and build a legacy for your children ?



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If so Hello, Im Mickayla and I'm here to help you!

You can view our full story here.


Buying a franchise simply means you own, your own business, you are your own boss, you make your own money but you have unlimited support and the benefit of opening a business you know works and is profitable, under the Little Diva brand. I truly believe that having a well known recognised brand across the UK will wipe out all the small competition as we know our customers like to travel around so would love to visit a Little Divas in other cities.


We are now on a mission to spread our message across the UK and the rest of the world, so have decided to open more Little Diva’s via franchising so we can build a sisterhood of mum bosses, that have each others back, have unlimited support from us, and give woman the chance to master work/life balance with no mum guilt while making the money they need to make their best life happen.



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You have the freedom to run your own business but with the amazing support of our Franchise Family so you never feel alone, or get stuck. Running your own business can sometimes feel lonely, but we will be here everyday.

You will be buying buying an established reputation and image, proven to work management and work practices, a business proven to work. We've done all the ground work to find out what works and what dont.

We have done all the ground work for you, we have written scripts and templates, so its takes the guesswork out of what to say to customers and trying to design your own content. Your business will be ready to go and start using to get bookings!

Your happiness and success is our top priority, we are commited to making sure you feel part of the family, supported,  your,success celebrated and always have an answer for any hurdles you may come across, in life or business through your entire time with us.

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So many women find it really difficult to return to work after taking time out to have children.


No matter how good their qualifications or experience, the impossibility of finding a job which is both flexible enough to allow them to be able to combine it with bringing up children but yet which pays enough to cover childcare costs can be overwhelming...


This is why there is a huge rise in Mums working for themselves

The parties are BACK!!


We have been so happy to have our customers back in person. Our new covid policies are in place and although some tasks are taking longer our "new way" is going pretty smoothly.


We are also back to creating party set ups which is our favourite thing to do and designing a new mini make over for more instagramable photo opportunities.

This summer we couldn't bare the faffing around with going abroad and the ever changing rules so instead we got to enjoy 2 staycations, 1 at the beach and 1 at the lakes


Alongside numerous day trips with

water sports

water parks

themes parks


Its been our usual busy fun summer. Im so happy Covid didnt ruin our summer holiday memories that are important to us.


Let's Get Social

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