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By littledivaparties, May 27 2020 05:37AM


I know you’ve said it, we have all said it. “When I win a millions of pounds I can do this or I can do that”

But be honest have you ever sat down and written down your dream life, Do not fall into the hype trap, do you really want to travel the world live on a beach front house in LA? Or is your reality dream life more simple than that but your too scared to admit it because it may seem boring or not successful to others?

I know I use to write out an extravagant dream life, but when I pictured myself in that life, I was away from my friends and family. My friends and family are what make me the most happy so why was I creating an extravagant lifestyle that took me away from that?

So I sat down and took out my ego and what other peoples version of successful is and wrote down what success would mean to me, I didn’t write down a fantasy dream life, I wrote down what a happy life would be to me - only me and It turned out I didn’t need a million pound to achieve my Happy life. The number was a lot less and a successful business would get me everything I needed to make me happy, feel content and more importantly make me feel like I did something with my life.

When I wrote this this I worked 25 hours a week in a call centre and made around £900 per month and had to rely on tax credits to top up the rest to get my bill covered.


-I wanted to be able to take my kids to school and pick them up

- I wanted to go to any school event, plays, sports days, stay and play etc without having to ask anyone’s else’s permission.

- I wanted to look after my own kids during the school holidays and not palm them off to various family members whoever was free that week. The mum guilt is just to hard to cope with.

- I wanted to be able to buy my kids really healthy food daily- this might sound strange but I only had a £40 food shopping budget per week – no cleaning or toiletries just food. So this didn’t allow me to buy the huge fruit bundle my kids love as I had to buy main meals. Yeah sure we brought fruit, we would buy a bag of apples, oranges and bananas. But my kids love water melon, strawberries, blueberries, mango they want this daily and lots of it and lets be honest eating healthy costs a lot of money!

I wanted to decide when I worked and when I didn’t. If something came up and friends were going for lunch or my sisters were going shopping. I didn’t want to miss out because I was at work.

I wanted to earm more money not just enough to pay the bills.


I wanted to be able to take my kids on holiday every half term. We absolutely love holidays. But I remember 1 year our “holiday” was a daytrip to the seaside. It killed me that I couldn’t take them abroad or even on a 2 week holiday in the UK. My family would go away in big groups and we would have to stay home and miss out. Each year was harder and harder to keep missing out. I didn’t get to take my daughter abroad until she was 5 and to do that I had to do forever living, body shop etc to try and get the money just for that one trip.

So being able to just whisk them away on holiday every half term would feel like a luxury to me. I wanted the 5 half terms to include all sorrts of holidays, Uk cabin lodges, All inclusive fun type holidays, private villas with friends and for this to include some giant holidays, Disneyland florida, Bahamas, carribean cruises. I wanted this on a yearly basis.

I wanted to be able to do anything we wanted at the weekend with no money restrictions. If we wanted to go to a theme park, water park, bowling and arcades. Shopping and dinner I wanted to be able to do it. I got fed up of my friends and family going to nice places and we had to go to the park or occasionally a soft play. Now don’t get me wrong we do LOVE the park and being outdoors but I wanted to go to the park as our choice not as the only thing we could do that day.

I wanted to be able to buy clothes every month. All my money went on clothes the kids needed. They grew out of them all the time. So my needs were always last. I would wear the same winter coat 5 years in a row just so my kids could have a new one that would fit every year. So to be able to buy myself clothes that would make me feel pretty and good about myself was a luxury to me.

I wanted to have something to show for my life, that I did something. My own business that I built and turned into a legacy for my children so they had something too. I didn’t want to have to work in the business all the time, I wanted a team that ran it for me so I could work around when my kids needed me. But a business I could take to and show them how we have the life we have because Mummy built this.


I wanted my dream house- I have designed this down to the last detail. It’s a huge home big enough for guests to come and stay and has a lot of entertainment spaces designed as I love being surrounded by my friends and family and I love to host and be able to provide. It has an american style pantry with all my food in labelled glass jars, a huge kitchen with the biggest island, a play room, cinema room, pool, open concept, a very pretty home office, a whole room for my wardrobe and make up.

I want 2 holiday homes, one here in the UK and one abroad. So if my friends and family need a holiday they can use our homes to stay in or come and stay with us when we visit.

I want a huge legacy to leave my kids – I want an empire that was built to help other mums like me. To show my kids that by helping others we can get our dream life, by helping others we can achieve more success than just money. We have changed peoples lives and that’s pretty magic. We will have also built a huge family across the UK with people just like us. We would all be in it together. Having the power to change someone else’s life in such a positive way. I think that would be a pretty incredible legacy to leave behind and definitely feel like I did something with my life.

This is my dream life- this wont seem like much to other people and its certainly not as extravagant as a “dream life” but this is my happy life. Where I am happy with how I have lived my life, I feel like an amazing mum and feel like iv made a change in the world.

I have acheieved the 1st 2 sections with my business and now im working on my final dream section. Now i have achieved most of my happy life i now have new goals. Thats how it works you achieve a set of goals and your goals change massively. You don't need to start with the giant million pound dreams at the begining. Just start with what would make your life happier?

So will you take the challenge, take 5 minutes out to define not your dream life but your own happy life.

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